06 July, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

So its official. Today my little brother joined the ranks of the United States Army. My parents dropped him off at the recruiters office this afternoon at 1:00 pm. He will stay at a hotel of their choosing tonight and then tomorrow fly off to Georgia for training until November sometime. We had his going away party on the 4th of July - which was cool for him because his party got to include fireworks - but brutal having to say goodbye to him. My whole family is impossibly close. I talk to my little brother nearly every day, and he was only an hour away if we wanted to hang out or visit. To have that end so abruptly is really hard to deal with. Everyone's first response is to tell me not to worry about him, that they are beginning to pull troops out of Iraq etc...when in reality it isn't really that that I am worried about. I literally just dont want him to be all the way in Georgia. Ah well, I suppose my situation isn't unique. It probably isn't easy for any sibling to see their brother or sister leave for the service - or parent for that matter - but it seems all the harder because we are so close now. Anyway just thought I would vent to get a little bit of it out. Hope my mom does okay today, she will definitely be drinking tonight though ;-)

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