28 March, 2007

UPDATE: New Toy!!!

Here is a picture of me and my new bike!

26 March, 2007

New Toy!!

Well, it's official. I bought a motorcycle this weekend. I know what you may be saying (something along the lines of crazy B$*%&). But I honestly do love it! At first I thought I was settling because it wasn't exactly the one that I was originally looking at buying. Then I took it out and learned to ride on it. And I must admit it is amazing!! I should be riding like a pro in no time. Well maybe not a pro, but at least really well. Everyone was very suprised, and very impressed that I learned to ride so quickly. I still need to get my permit, and then my motorcycle endorsment, but i should be ready for that in no time too! Anyway I was really excited (now that I've officially made the decision) so I thought I would share! Here are a few pics of what my bike looks like. Obviously they aren't my actual bike, but mine is the exact same color. I will have pics of me riding it soon!!

14 March, 2007

Just to make you smile

You can't look at this picture and tell me it's not totally precious!

13 March, 2007

Fitzy the Sloth

Once upon a time in a place not so far from here, there was a bornean tree sloth named edgar fitzgerald. Fitzy, as his friends (of which there weren't many) liked to call him, wasn't a handsome sloth, but he was kind and funny if you could pay attention long enough to hear the joke. Fitzy made his home in a very fine cecropia tree, with a big wide trunk and lucious green leaves. But the thing that made Fitzy different from all the other sloths was that he loved to sing. He had a deep baritone singing voice that should have made all of the girl sloths crazy, but more often than not just made them look at him oddly and whisper to each other about him. Now it could be that Fitzy's choices of songs weren't particularly popular, most sloths generally enjoy old ballads and soft lilting lyrics, but Fitzy had a style all his own. He had invented a kind of wild ride between jazz and reggae, it was fast paced and it was fun. No one really knows where Fitzy found the energy for these belting solos, but when the urge took him, nothing could slow him down. It was during one of these rousing performances that Fitzy sensed someone watching him. Not being the quickest of creatures, he looked around lazily, curiously trying to determine what might be making him feel this way. Then he saw it. A young leapord crouched in a tree, not 100 yards away from the boogying sloth. Unable to run away, Fitzy decided to try a different tactic. "Hey there spots!" he called out, "you got something hanging on your but." A low rumble started to eminate from the cat, and Fitzy had just about given himself up for dead, when he realized that he cat was laughing, swinging his majestic tail (the source of Fitzy's joke). The cat had actually been enjoying the music, for it is obvious that leapords are true swingers and love jazz, and had not even thought about eating this musical morsel. Jumping gracefully from one true to the other (a skill which the sloth envied very much) the leapord, whose name was Clarence, stalked over to Fitzy. Then with his tail he started thumping out a low beat on the trunk of the tree. Fitzy was overjoyed! He had never found someone that liked his music, let alone wanted to participate in making it. After several bars Fitzy started to belt out his favorite song. After five breathless minutes the song ended and the two of them slumped against the tree laughing. This was the life! Fitzy thought. Then the leapord said something remarkable. "I'm starting a jungle jazz club (the name of which is Jungle Jazz), and I would like you to headline for us!" Fitzy could only stare open mouthed at this huge cat, was he really offering him a chance to perform? "I will personally see to your transportation, and your safety," said Clarence. Well, as you can imagine, Fitzy could hardly pack fast enough. After several months Fitzy's popularity had grown to phenominal proportions, and he found a very attracitve monkey girlfriend named Lola. He never thought about those clueless sloths, who by this time were green with envy (and algea). Fitzy the star had arrived!