20 February, 2009

Defender of the sister

So I have started playing Halo 3 quiet a bit lately. My younger brother, brother in law, boyfriend, and several guy friends have it so its a fun way to do things together despite the distance. Usually we party up so that no one can hear what we are saying outside of our little group of players, however, lately we have been leaving out mics open. This has creating an interesting reaction toward me. Usually all the other guys immediately start telling me how sexy I sound, and asking for my name etc...honestly it just proves how starved they are for attention, I sound just like every one else. They also all assume that I am blonde. Why is this people?! Anyway, lately the response to my presence in the game has been more derogatory.
So last night all of us are on (8 of us total) and we are getting ready to start a match and I said something over the mic...I don't even remember what is was. And this random guy just goes off. Calling me an f-ing bitch and, well it just got worse. So my younger brother (he is 18) gets totally pissed. I think he was more upset about it than I was. The idiot guy and my brother ended up on a team and my lil bro spent the entire time killing him (in the game) and yelling at him for disrespecting me. It was awesome!!!
My twin sis and I are the oldest kids in the family, so we never had a big brother to be our "protector." After last night I think I know what it would have been like to have a big brother.
Moral of the story - guys don’t talk shit to girls on video games unless you want to get yourself ganged up on in game, and then get booted off for violating the code of conduct rules!