19 July, 2006

Oh Ick

At this beginning of this week I traveled to Niobrara State Park for a meeting with some of my counter parts from other NRDs. You must understand that these people all have a sick sense of humor (heehee) and have a seemingly unlimited tolerance for alcohol. The combination of these two things lead us to a taste test of frogs legs. I will tell you right now...ick. It wouldn't be so bad if they removed the meat and breaded it up like popcorn shrimp. No they must bring out the entire lower half of the frog, feet still attached. I think that makes it more unpalatable than anything else. But I was a brave soul and I tasted it. Never doing that again.

10 July, 2006

My own Phlog!

Well following in the footsteps of Rick Lee, Toby, and Jared, I have my own Phlog! Go ahead, check it out, you know you want to!


Okay so it seems that I am on a blogging role today, so I might as well keep it up. Over the weekend I got bored (as sometimes happens) so I decided to do some painting. I went out and grabed a couple of pieces of old corral wood, sanded them, varnished them, and decided to paint something on them. I used oils and this is what turned out. Not to bad for my first attempt at a sunset. Yes, I do realize it looks like a rainbow, but keep in mind..it was a first try! :-)

Update: I fixed it last night so that the sunset no longer looks so much like a rainbow, hooray for oil paints! you can always go back and fix what you've screwed up!


So I was telling you about a painting I am thinking about buying. Well Ron finally got his website up and running so I can show you the painting! Just an FYI in Gallery number 2 I think there are a few paintings that Jared, Toby, and John would like. Just passin it on. Anyway this is the painting I want to buy, its called Crystal Clear Rhapsody.


Its crazy what you can find on the internet isn't it. Apparently my headstone is located in Texas. There's usually the chance that somewhere out there someone has or has had the exact same name as you, it is a little unsetteling to see your own name on a headstone though heehee.

05 July, 2006

Pretty good holiday

I hope everyone had a really great 4th of July! Mine was actually really good. I got to ride on a Percheron (really big draft horses, like the Budwieser horses) in the Parade in Crawford, NE. That was great. He's about 19 hands tall, so when I stood next to him I was basically looking at the middle of his stomach, and really wide. I am a little saddle sore today, it was kind of like doing the splits for 3 hours heehee, but totally worth it! The picture is almost exactly the height (he's a little taller) and build of the Percheron that I rode in the parade
I also went to an art show and managed to talk myself into buying a $400 original oil painting. Its gorgeous and as soon as I have a picture of it I'll post it so you can see my new buy! I really really couldn't resist. The artist's name is Ron Nordyke, and as soon as his website is working again I'll put that up here too! He's even going to let me make payments on it so that the price tag doesn't infringe upon me buying it heehee.