14 July, 2008

Non city living

This weekend was very entertaining. we spent quite a bit of time working on our new deck, and construction at home is always a joy. Pandora (yup that is officially her name now) had some very interesting experiences.
We have two cement deer (a buck and a doe) and two cement fawns under a really big spruce tree at the house. These two are very lifelike, and we keep them there to attract more deer into the yard. Well Pandora decided she was full of piss and vinegar this weekend so she spent a lot of time rocketing around the 4 acres that our house is on. Well for the first time she came in contact with the cement deer. I have never seen a dog put on the brakes from a full run like that. She stopped so fast she ended up doing a summersault. Once she got her feet under her again she was completely frozen in place. She stood there staring at these deer for at least 5 minutes before letting out one of her big girl howls (which always scares her), running forward to knock over one of the fawns, then came charging back up to the house in an absolute panic. It was hilarious.
My cousin also managed to capture an injured adolescent pigeon in our neighbors hay loft. So now we have a pigeon pet staying with us for another couple of weeks. She is amazingly tame, however she is driving the dogs absolutely bonkers...they are all hunting dogs, and having a pigeon that cant fly away that close is torture to them.
My sister's wedding is rapidly approaching, only 3 more weeks. I have firmly decided that weddings are too much work, and always stress people out no matter how simply you profess it is going to be. I think I will just run away.