13 February, 2008

Your Honor

Well its official. Today at about noon I became the Mayor of our time. I was mayor pro-tem, but our mayor resigned her position today so I get moved up to interium mayor until we can have an election. Yea its weird...but I had to share it with the blogger world...or whoever actually reads this lol. Mayor at 24 (25 in April not that it matters)...perhaps I should start thinking about running for a higher office ;-)

12 February, 2008

A little nothing

I really have nothing to say in this post. But I feel duty bound to write a little something. My life really is fairly simple. I'm either at my house or my boyfriends, we watch movies a lot or I play video games. Every once in awhile we get a chance to play D&D with our friends (oh shut up, its a really good outlet for my over active imagination), and on Sundays we will go out and have paintball wars.
These little outings, loading up a couple of boxes of paintballs, a few full CO2 canisters and our guns and going out into Blackforest to have mini-wars, have been the most exciting thing to happen lately. Granted it has been a lot of fun. I'm the only girl that will go to war with them, and most of the time I'm one of the last ones standing. I've never really realized how nice it was to be female during things like that. We were playing a game of capture the flag, 3 on 3, and my teammate Dale and I were pinned down right next to the flag in some trees. All of a sudden Dale yelled beside me (scared the hell out of me too). "Holy shit he shot me right in the ball!" and he collapsed. Now I haven't kicked a guy in the baby maker since I was about 11, so I forgot how violently guys react to that. He rolled around on the ground for about 5 minutes and then crawled behind a tree and was sick. I was giving him a ration of shit for being a baby, until I got hit in the neck and it gave me a welt the size of my fist. Then I knew how he felt...well kind of felt, I'm sure getting one of your balls tagged by a paintball propelled by CO2 hurts a little bit more.
I've been a tomboy as long as I can remember. I had barbies but they spent a lot of time umm with GI Joe lol. They also had their feet melted to lightbulbs. I'm really not so different now. I hate pink, I dont wear dresses, and my boss says I have a very male attitude or point of view toward pretty much everything. So its with great consternation that I realize how girly I am in my relationship. His birthday was last week, and I promised to cook him whatever he wanted for dinner, and bake him a cake. Which I did...and I had fun. That's just wrong. Don't get me wrong I like to cook, but usually it isn't my first thought for someone's birthday. My idea of a good birthday for someone (other than the actual present) is great sex and pizza (no not at the same time). Then I found myself at the grill doing up two steaks and a couple of ears of corn on the cob (frozen corn on the cob is just not as good in case you were wondering) making rolls and scalloped potatoes and getting everything ready to make cake. It was frightfully domestic...and girly. Yuck. But it seems that girly moments are just going to happen every once in awhile now, all I can do is accept it and try not to draw to much attention to it if I dont' have to.
Ah well....such is life.