26 December, 2007

What a waste

Its the day after Christmas and my office is a tomb, literally I've seen 10 people here today out of about 400 that work in my building. Seriously, is there a purpose for being here today. On the up side i get to go home early, so I guess I can't complain to much.
How was your Christmas? No really, give it some thought. Was it everything you'd hoped for, or where you sadly disappointed? Why do you feel that way? I love Christmas. I know some people have let the growing commercialization of the holidays jade their view of the festivities, but I stubbornly refuse to let that happen to myself. Granted Christmas Eve was a partial disaster, but that's largely due to one particular individual in my family...we will call her the stepmonster. She always manages to ruin at least one holiday by being hateful and nasty to either my sister or I, and this year she so graciously picked Christmas, and also targeted me for most of her spiteful hateful commentary, which I appreciate ever so much. My dad remains completely oblivious to her behavior but he's about the only one, so it manages to make everyone else tense, uncomfortable and irritable. She's like a hemrroid really....perhaps I will start calling her hemrroid, heehee I like that. However, after that painful event the rest of the holiday was superb! I got some really excellent gifts, and everyone was really pleased with what I had given them. Even though we didn't manage to get liquored up and play cards we still had a really good time.
My friend Bitch #1 got married, the ceremony was completely beautiful, and we all had so much hairspray in our hair that coming within 2 feet of any open flame had the potential to be highly regretable. My favorite part was one of our bridesmaid presents. All 5 of us, and the bride rocked out some 80's style leg warmers! Laugh if you will, but they were completely fantastic! They even matched our dresses, which makes them that much better, we were even inspired to do a really terrific redition of one of the dances from Flashdance (its a movie...go out and rent it).
December has been a really good month. Soon it will be January, and we will begin the tedious journey through another year. Well might as well look forward to the great things to come. Cheers!!

18 December, 2007

Christmas Time

Last night was a Christmas spirit sort of night. I put Miracle on 34th Street in, gathered my wraping paper supplies and presents and sat infront of the tree and did some wraping. Every once in awhile I caught myself staring at the tree. The silver, gold, and crystal of the ornaments catching and relecting the lights of the tree, making it sparkle and dance with light. It amazes me how much the sight of my Christmas tree twinkling in the dark can still fill my heart with hope. When I was little the tree always entranced me. Its presance in our house meant that everyone was usually happy, and that good things were just around the corner. No matter how awful anything else was, Christmas was always a good time of year, it was always something happy. Things have changed quite a bit since I was a little girl watching the lights on the tree, but the feeling seems to be the same. Its comforting to know that there are still things in my life that I carry from childhood, symbols of joy and hope and expectation that can still resonate with my soul. To know that the "real world" hasn't jaded me so much that the soft twinkle of Christmas lights can still touch my heart.

Its either that...or I just really like getting presents. Heehee, I'd like to think that its both.

04 December, 2007

Programers are funny

I got this error message while I was reviewing upcoming ads when I tried to view an ad from yesterday. This just proves that programers (well some of them) actually do have a sense of humor.

Preview time is before current time. Traveling back in time, thoughtheoretically permitted by the theory of general relativity, is not permitted in this context.Please adjust time to after 4:07:41 PM.