19 December, 2006


So last night I met up with two of my dearest friends at Paris on the Platte. Its a wine bar/coffee house, and it has a great atmosphere. They have a pretty decent wine selection (if you like Rieslings there is a good one from Colorado called Two Rivers) and some excellent martinis. Of which we par-took in liberally. I fancied the Godiva Chocolate Espresso and one called Frolic, they were amazing and I highly recommend. David had a Vesper, but that was just to irritate Toby, so we aren't going to count that one. I adore my friends; they make me laugh entirely too hard. Between the Louis Black impressions and Borat impressions we spent the majority of the night helplessly laughing at one another. It was tremendous. After several of these tasty cocktails we decided that a walk was in order to wear off all of the alcohol before deciding to drive home. The walk was almost as much fun, if not more fun, than the wine bar itself. Denver is a beautiful city. I don't care what anyone else thinks, if you really stop and take the time to look at what is surrounding you here you'll see what I mean. David, Toby, and I managed to find our dream loft, and plan on moving in as soon as the two of them decide they just can't live without Colorado and move back ;-) Yea that should be any day now, right? Although directions to our house would probably include the phrase "drive toward the gigantic white erection" (trust me if you were there it was hilarious) it would still be a fabulous place to live.

It was just really great to be immersed in a place with such great night life...or any sort of night life at all. It was very cold, but that crisp kind of cold that makes the lights shimmer and everything seem more alive. There was a point that we were walking across a footbridge over the Platte River, and you could hear the water rushing by underneath, and see the lights of downtown Denver welcoming you to the fold, and it was just so....beautiful, and fun, and exactly what I'd wanted out of the day. A peaceful moment in a city full of life and movement.

To break the eloquent, flowing propaganda that has become this post, I will change the subject. David, who manages to find some of the most random things I've ever seen, introduced Toby and I to a radio show that he occasionally calls in to. To make what seems like a very long story now that I'm attempting to write it down shorter, the three of us ended up on the radio show and I managed to get a date with the host (don't look at me like that, you weren't there). At this point I would like to be able to tell you about the fabulous time I had with Aaron, however, we will have to wait until March as he is leaving for Manila tomorrow, but hey it could be fun! If you feel like it check out the radio show (it seems that I am actually going to be listening to it, and perhaps calling in (Toby as well...blame David Aaron, he started it)...so you might as well partake in the fun!) Okay well work is calling me. I'll post some fun pictures of the evening later!