23 November, 2007


Black Friday is not a favorite day. I don't understand why people would brave the crowds, and the insane traffic, just to get bashed around in a store they didn't really need anything from. As for me I'm sitting here at my desk at work...I've been here since 3 am monitoring and reviewing our online ads for Black Friday. There was no way I was going to be able to drag my ass out of bed after only a few hours of sleep I decided to just stay up. The realization is fast setting in that I am just too old for that type of shinnanigans. I'm very very tired. Perhaps I'll write more later. I need to try to focus on something to stay awake lol.

14 November, 2007

The women in my life

Yes, I realize that the title of this post might imply that I have some salacious lesbian gossip from a newly formed gay alter ego, but that isn't what this post is about (I like boys thank you very much!). This is actually about the females in my life that I have the privialge of calling dear friends, despite their weird tendancies. Let me lead you on an adventure into my friendships with them....(and no they are not in any particulare order of importance, actual there is no order at all)

Lets begin with Bitch #1. She and I have been friends for an indeterminate number of years...actually I think its something like 6 but I'm not entirely sure. We went to collage together, and associate with the same group of randomly geeky yet totally loveable group of friends. I am Bitch #2 to her Bitch #1. This is not arbitrary, there is a reason she is #1. We both have tempers, and we both have a vile and often cruel sense of humor. However, whereas I have the ability to control some of my mouthy, I'm trying to be a bitch tendancies, Bitch #1 has very little control...at all. Don't get me wrong, she does have directional control...if she wants to aim the bitchiness at you, make no mistake it will not go directionally flying out of control and land on some innocent bystander. It is impart because of this special bond of bitch-tastic goodness that we are friends. Our bitchiness makes us laugh. As an example we spent a good 30 minutes last night laughing so hard we were crying while talking about a house getting egged and the funny sounds marbles would make if you dump them into someone's gas tank. She's getting married soon and I get to be a bridesmaid, I guess that just proves that bitches of a feather flock together LOL.

Then there's my girl in Houston...just for fun we'll call her Houston. I've known Houston almost as long as I've known Bitch #1. We went to college together, and she is part of the geeky yet totally loveable group of friends. Its funny, while we were actually at school together we werent really super close. We hung out, but almost never just one on one. Actually I think the only thing we did just the two of us was our student loan exit seminar at the end of our senior year lol. We graduated and she moved back to the Springs. Then she moved again...to Hungary. Its amusing that the farther away she moved the closer friends we became. While she was overseas we talked nearly everyday. I knew her joys and sorrows of life over there, and she knew mine of living in Nebraska. I know now the great friend I missed out on all those years in college. She is the girl I can always convice to go on a shopping spree at Facsinations and have a great time playing with all the little gadgets ;-). We are both very random people who enjoy talking to each other in high born english accents for no apparent reason. Houston is also getting married soon...to a man she met in Hungary, but who was actually from Texas (see this is the kinda of randomness I'm talking about) and I get to be bridesmaid for that one too! It makes me sad that she lives so far away, but I have not given up yet! She'll be here in December and I'm going to kidnap her and make her get a job here! Ha take that Texas!!

13 November, 2007

Interesting little tidbit

So funny thing happened last night. I got elected Mayor. Yea I know, weird right. Technically I'm mayor pro tem. Basically I will serve as Mayor if for any reason the current mayor is unable (out of time, busy, etc) or unwilling, which I have the feeling is going to be a lot. It's very odd. I'm only 24 and I'm an elected official. Next stop...white house baby!!! LOL, hey it could happen.

More to come when i can think of something more to write about.