28 April, 2008

And the Winner is

ME! Well us really. And by us I mean my team at work. And by winner(s) I mean we just won a Nike + challenge against our partner company, a race to 500 miles, and we won!!!! If you don't know what Nike + is I am not going to explain it here, you should Google it though cause its good stuff. It is amazing what an efficient team builder that was. We interacted more, spent more time together trying to log in as many miles as we could, and it gave us a chance to understand each other's sense of humor a little more. Now my boss knows that I am just encouraging him to log more miles when I tell him he might have eaten a little too much for lunch, or that his feat look swollen from dis-use. Cause really I am that way. I have a cruel sense of humor sometimes and I don't always feel the need to hold it back. Next example, one of my co-workers (there are about 700 of them so this is actually a fairly vague description) came to work with not one but three hickey's on his neck. I have affectionately nicknamed him "hoe tag" because that's what a hickey is and he is basically one big hickey at the moment. I think this is hilarious, and even he is amused by it...however one of my friends thinks that its very cruel. Oh well...I think its funny so I will continue to call him hoe tag, after all it is better than tramp stamp. And now for something completely different....
My friend bitch #1 just left for the carribean to see her husband for two weeks (its a really long story) and a funny thing happened to her which I feel honor bound to relate to the blog reading world at large. Bitch #1 experienced every fliers worst nightmare...she got off of the plane and her luggage did not. For most travelers this is not the end of the world...you go to walmart and get some cheap stuff to tide you over until your luggage finds it way back to you. This was not a luxery she had. The Dominican Republic (oh yea that's where she is at in the carribean) is not famous for it plethera of Walmart locations so this made her situation slightly more interesting. I can only imagine the trepidation at facing what might be several days in the same sweaty travel clothes with no bathing suit (she did actually break down and buy a new one there...I'm sure none of them were as cute as the 8 she packed in her now lost suitcase). Her next little lovely surprise is that her hubby was not waiting at the airport to pick her up as he was supposed to be. She hasn't seen him since January, and sort of has this proclivity for things going her way, so i can only imagine how she greeted this little treasure of news. Turns out Hubby got "plucked" out of the customs area, questioned, and then held by customs because he didn't know where he was staying on the island. Seriously...he has been there for 4 months and he doesn't know where he is staying, perhaps it was best that Bitch#1 had to find her own way...clearly he didn't know where he was going either.
Once Bitch #1 found Hubby they did some sight seeing and some clothes buying only to come back and find her suitcase waiting for them. It too had been "plucked" from its correct place on the airplane for inspection (perhaps there is something funny about these two that the government knows and I just haven't picked up on....hmmmm). However, I feel I know why her suitcase was "plucked" from the plane. Bitch #1 and Hubby were only married about 2 weeks before he had to leave to go to the Dominican, they have not seen each other in 4 months, and Bitch #1 has been to Fascinations a couple of times aquiring new toys (also if you don't know what Fascinations is I suggest you Google it...or just don't ask...you might not want to know). I told her repeatedly not to leave the batteries in, to either keep them in a seperate pocket or just get new ones when she gets there. I can just imagine her forgetful self forgetting to take out the batteries, the plane hitting turbulence and 3 or 4 or her new toys firing up at once and nearly shaking the plane to pieces....yea I would have pulled the bag off the plane to. And even if that isn't why they really did it (which it probably wasn't) it is a much more entertaining story than her bag just being randomly picked out of a Samsonite line up. That's my version of the story and I'm sticking to it!!

14 April, 2008

And Counting...

My birthday is next Monday!!! Yes, I still get excited about my birthday (I will only be 25, I don't think thats too old be have a fun birthday). No I don't feel ashamed about telling people about it, its the day I was born if you can't be excited about that what can you be excited about?! Yes, I am planning my own festivities for that day, its my birthday and I want to do something fun, its too much to ask other people to try to guess what will make me happy that day. So if I know you and you would like to partake in the birthday fun let me know, and if I don't know you and you would like to partake in the birthday fun let me know!!!! LOL.