31 May, 2006


I've posted a BUNCH of pictures on my Flickr, including my tanking adventure, Hiking in Estes, and some pretty pictures...check it out, you know you want too

22 May, 2006

Its Monday

For the first time in my life I'm glad its Monday. This weekend turned out to be total crap. Thrus and Fri I was sick sick, then Saturday one of my dogs got caught in the powercord for my laptop and pulled it off of the desk so its now broken. Then yesterday I got thrown off of Applesauce, my horse. All around it was just a horrible weekend, I sure hope the next one turns out better.

04 May, 2006

Presenting the one...the only ...

I HAVE MY OWN HORSE!!! For anyone that knows me you will probably realize that I am very excited about this. I've wanted my own horse for as long as I can remember and now I have one. His name is Applesauce and he is a mustang. He was taken out of the wild in Wyoming about 3 years ago. Right now I'm retraining him to the saddle, and also teaching him some basic commands and reigning techniques that he never had to learn before. He is doing very well and I've actually been able to get on him a few times without him throwing to much of a fit. A good accomplishment I thought. He is around 6 years old now. Still in the prime of life but old enough not to be crazy anymore. And the best part....He was FREE! One of my friends adopted him out of the wild when nobody else wanted him. They no longer have time to ride him or work with him so they gave him to me. Now you may be saying how could it get any better?! Well let me tell you. Another one of my really good friends gave me a saddle for my birthday. So now I can ride him without hanging on to his mane, or falling off! Hooray. Always cause for celebration. That's about all the exciting news here, besides the fact that its May and now its snowing. Sad Day.

01 May, 2006

April is OVER!

Well I must say that I am very pleased that April is over. Although it didn't really produce anything super exciting, it was unbelievably busy. I spent the last 3 days of April at another grant writing workshop. I've decided I'm going to take this up as a side business. Where else can you make $3,000 for writing a proposal and doing some reasearch. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Up it sure does. Any way just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking!