06 April, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Today, I, and everyone in my office, had a startling revelation! We have a Starbucks in Chadron. Now I realize that this is fairly mundane news for most people. You're probably thinking to yourselves "Yea its a Starbucks...so what, big deal...they're everywhere." Not so my friends. Prior to this glorious development the closest Starbucks to Chadron Nebraska was either Rapid City South Dakota, or Cheyenne Wyoming. So we had a small field trip to our new local Starbucks where I purchased the first Caramel Macchiato that I've had in almost 3 months. Its gonna be a great day folks!

05 April, 2006

External Hard Drive

So here is my question for all of you out there. I am thinking about getting an external hard drive for my laptop. It just doesn't have the space for the things I need it to do. The two I'm currently looking at are:

AcomData E5 80GB

AcomData E5 160GB

Both are plug & play capable (a requirment) and don't require a huge amount of space on the origianl machine. Does anyone have experience with this company? If I'm going to spend the money for one I want one that's worth it. I've heard AcomData is a good company, but nothing for sure. Any advice would be great!

04 April, 2006

Times Square

You may remember me mentioning that a picture of my friend Randi and I is going to be 50 feet tall on a billboard in Times Square. Well here it is folks! That really fun moment has finally arrived. That picture will be on screen for 15 seconds every day for 5 days! And next week a picture of my little brother and I is going to be up there. I'm still going to submit the picture of Tanis, Jared, Toby, and I at Red Robin and see what happens. Heehee. If that comes about I will certainly let you all know!

Hurry up and wait

Today looks like its going to be a very slow day. I have a meeting this afternoon but over 3/4 of my office will be gone to another meeting in another town. Any clever ideas on how Rachel could spend her day, cause I think I'm gonna run out.

Just as a random piece of information my birthday is coming up soon (as I do a small happy dance). I love birthdays for no other reason than my entire family gets together and we all play cards and drink wine. No matter who's birthday we always do it. My family will take any excuse to get together heehee. This year I think we're even including the fire pit! oooo I'm soo excited! Heehee.