25 March, 2008


I sat outside today, just to let the breeze touch my face.
Today was a day without a jacket, and without the cloudy gloom of winter.
It would be nice for time to just slip away
To sit and watch and listen, until I can't remember where I started.
To escape the time when I feel like a prisoner to my phone, and my computer.
I wish for that, and yet here I sit, the light of the screen on my face instead of the sun,
Why is that, is there really nothing more important that demands my time.
I can hear the whisper of Spring, its just outside but there is no way to reach it.
Perhaps it means nothing, just the restlessness of a Winter ending and a Spring within sight
Hopefully it is the beginning of a great adventure,
Something new and different on the horizon.
If it is will I be ready to face it, ready to accept it for all the wonderful things it is?
Or will I spend the time wishing I had my computer, or cell phone signal.
I hope not....things are so much better than that.