05 February, 2007

Law Dogs Forever...Forever Law Dogs.

Hooray for motorcycle clubs! Two of my best friends have started a chapter of the Law Dogs Motorcycle Club for Colorado. The short version is that it is a club for law enforcement officers, and those who respect what they do. The clubs goals are to promote safe and moral riding, a love of motorcycles, and to contribute in any way possible to the charitable organizations of our choosing. So as this post obviously implies, I have joined the High Plains Law Dogs MC. At the moment I'm just a Lady (a rider because I don't have my own bike yet) but someday I'll get to move my status up in the world {wink}. I'm also the club photographer, so it’s my job to catch people doing ridiculous, funny, and or memorable things without them noticing it! Good luck me. As a shameless plug for our group, we are hosting an event on St. Patrick’s Day. We are holding our first annual Poker Run in Eastern Colorado to benefit the Fallen Officers Memorial Fund. It should be a fabulous day of riding (or driving, you can bring a car if you want!) so you should definitely come out and hang with us. End shameless plug.
And now for something completely different. It DIDN'T snow this weekend!!! YAY!! Of course it still snowed some during the week...Thursday to be precise, but it wasn't the weekend and that means things are looking up. Plus the fat ground hog didn't see his shadow (mindless thought: what if the Phil is a liar, you know he is in that little fake tree trunk laughing his furry butt off at us right now) so perhaps we will have an early spring. This in Colorado seems to mean that instead of winter ending in June, this year maybe it will end in May. But on the up side, when Spring does decide to make an appearance everything will be greener than a leprechauns as....I mean its going to be really green here in the spring!