27 September, 2006


1. People like you more when they know you're leaving.
This is something that I have noticed recently do to my exodus from the state of Nebraska. Within the last 3 weeks I've eatin more cake, had more alcohol purchased for me, and generally been hugged a lot more since people found out I'm leaving. This only leads me to believe that people must like you more when they know they wont ever see you again. Most would look at these kind gestures as people's way of showing you they cared about you and enjoyed having you around. But not me. I look at these things and say why was I not good enough to take to lunch when you thought I would be around for a couple of years? Always the master of the glass is half empty philosphy I pose this statement. People just like you better when they know your leaving.

2. People like you stuff a lot more when your leaving.
Also something I've noticed recently. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the random assorment of things I have in my office. They are just trinkets really, things that make me happy to look at them, and no one has ever really paid that much attention to them before. However, no every second person coming into my office comments on at least two or three of the decorations. The only resonable conclusion that I can come to is this is their subtle way of offering to eliviate my removing it from the building and packing it up. The old "Hey I really like that {{inner monoluge...I'd sure take it off your hands if you wanna give it to me}}" trick. This is a ploy I find highly amusing, and also a really convieniet way to make some money. "You know if you really like it I'll sell it to you for..." Yea..good stuff.

20 September, 2006

Just for fun...

For no other reason then I just really like watching this...

14 September, 2006


So last Friday my family got tickets to see CATS at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. All I can say is that it was AMAZING. Its been my #1 goal in life (not even kidding it really has been) to see CATS, and now I've done it...its a very accomplished sort of feeling. So now we are looking at getting season tickets for next year, but don't know if that is going to happen as they are $570 and that's a little out of my price range out of the moment. But it does include some great plays, and discounts on tickets to non-package plays like Lion King and Phantom of the Opera..so I guess we'll see what happens. But if you ever have the chance to see CATS do it, its totally worth it.

07 September, 2006

A new journey

Well its official. My last day of work is September 29th. That weekend I'll be moving to Franktown to live with my grandma until I can afford my own apartment. I think I probably have a job with Lakeshore Staffing. Its a temp agency, but it will be good for a temporary fix until they either place me permenantly or I find something better. I'm still scared out of my mind, well more nervous than anything. But just wanted to update on the new chapter in my life. It will be nice to be back in Colorado where I belong.