20 January, 2006

Red Rose

A lonely stone upon a hill
Dark with night as time stands still.
A desperate place in time and space
The final end to a great race

See the mist around the ledge
It hovers like a ghostly hedge
Upon the ledge there lies in pose
A single red rose

They weep to see the stone of fire
In the night, a darkened pyre
It speaks of fear, the end, and grief
In final rest there's no relief

The only life to linger here
Is the only thing that sooths the fear
Upon the ledge there lies in pose
A red, red rose


Well I've decided that I need a place to write. Nothing specific, probably nothing meanigful to anyone but me. These writing may include but are not limited to: my poetry, my short stories, pictures I've drawn, general musing about my life around me, vicious comments about those individuals that just piss me off...you get the general idea. Feel free to comment on things that strike you, or don't strike you ( no one really likes violence after all). Don't be offended if I dont like what you say, or decide not to respond to it, I'm opinionated and that's that. Well if you do decide to read this, enjoy..or not...doesn't really matter to me ;~)