21 May, 2009

Hell hath frozen over

Well now that all of the important people have been told, not to say that you aren't all important (actually I think there are only 6 people that check this and they already know lol), but family and friends come first heehee. So here it is, despite all my planning and precautions, and probably against God's plan lol, I am going to be a mom. Yup me, the one who has always said that she was never going to have kids, is pregnant. We found out last week, I am 7 weeks (almost 8) and the estimated due date is January 7th. Mostly the information and reality is still sinking in, Caleb is so excited he can barley contain himself. While I have not reached quite that level yet, the idea is slowly becoming a reality and its is easier for me to be excited about it. So ya...hooray for a great big new update lol. Hope everyone elses' lives are much less eventful. Have a great Memorial day weekend!


paula said...

I am commenting just to prove people DO read this! (Ok, so does it count even though I may be one of the 6????) I think that you will be cute when you are pregnant. FYI, unborn babies love pizza, chinese food, and Cold Stone ice cream!!!

Croaker said...